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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Since the flood in Thailand has been so severe, some of the rain got blown over to Malaysia as well. Thus, the rain we are experiencing everyday. So today wasn't an exception as I was heading down towards my mother's office by train. Once I got off and started walking, it started to drizzle slightly and I did not want to use my umbrella as it would be quite a hassle to dry it off in an office. So, I hastened my steps. A few seconds later, it started to pour -_- Since I was already almost reaching my destination, I decided to brave through the rain and ran into the building as fast as I could, hoping to look normal while dodging the bullets of rain. But little did I know, I was already drenched. You know how they say girls look 10 times sexier with their hair wet?

Those girls;  

But unfortunately, I'm not one of those girls. 

Me, with wet hair; 

After my mom got off work, we headed out of the building and guess what? It starts drizzling. AGAIN. So this time, I was sure to have gotten my umbrella out and ready to prevent myself from looking like Gollum yet again. We shared my teeney tiny ESPRIT umbrella, which looks exactly like this;

and walked quickly to where she parked her car. Well, you see the thing is, the walk wasn't exactly short. Along the way, you will pass by those empty lands that were made into parking lots by having signs that go 'RM 7.00 PER ENTRY' or 'RM 5.00 PER ENTRY' and the further you walk, the cheaper it gets. So being the thrifty person my mom is, she parked FARRRRRRRR away. (I would do the same if I were her though) Anyway, we were walking halfway when SUDDENLY, it started to POUR. Yes, I know. AGAIN -_- I knew my tiny umbrella wouldn't be enough to shelter the both of us, so thankfully, there were these free insurance bags that my mom got that were still wrapped with plastic. So I told her to use the umbrella by herself and I'll cover my head with the bag instead. When I handed her the umbrella, I ASSUMED that she has already got hold of it and I threw the bag over my head BUTTTTTTTTTT that sorta knocked the umbrella RIGHT OUT OF HER HANDS! So what happened to the umbrella? It landed in a HUGE LONGKANG right next to us! (If you don't know what a longkang is, it's a BIGGG DRAINNN). 

What was our immediate reaction?

Standing there, umbrella-less. The only thing we could do was STARE. *Cues One Republic's Stop and Stare*. LOL. Anyway, I think we were too shocked so we just froze for what seemed like forever while my pitiful umbrella drowns in the sea of dirty water and soil. ewwww. When FINALLY, someone pressed the 'RESUME' button on us, my mom said, "Just leave the umbrella. I'll buy you a new one. The drain's too deep and it's too risky to go in there to get it." I LOOKED AT HER IN DISBELIEF! How could she do this to my umbrella? MY UMBRELLA! It may be tiny but it has been with me for yearsssss! I just said, "MOM! IT'S ESPRIT! And it's worth quite a lot!" (I WAS TELLING THE TRUTH). Then she just went, "Oh, then how?". HAHAHAHA! I would just like to remind you that all these contemplation and confusion happened during HEAVY RAIN. So, kindly scroll back up to the Gollum picture to imagine how I looked like the whole time this scenario played out. Thank you. 

So what was the fate of my poor umbrella? Did it drown and get disowned? 

Luckily for us, there was a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (X100000) KIND MAN who passed us by and saw us staring helplessly at the umbrella. Then he went, "AMBIL LAH!" which translates to "TAKE IT-LAH!". loll. He actually took the trouble of climbing over the fence and GOING INTO THE DRAIN, stepping on the tiny ledge and used his feet to hook my umbrella back up to safety! Doesn't that sound heroic? HE'S DEFINITELY A HERO IN MY EYES! I mean, come on. In the middle of a POURING RAIN, would you care if a stranger dropped his/her umbrella into the drain and was just staring stupidly at it, not knowing what to do? NO! I'm sure 99.9% of us wouldn't have done anything. Because, I know I wouldn't. There was a Chinese dude who glanced at our floating umbrella and just walked away. And the thing is, I'm Chinese too! What does this say about us? It just means MOST of us aren't very helpful people and I'm not afraid to admit it. That KIND KIND KINDDDD man who helped us was a construction worker who from my experience, seems like he's Indonesian. (Be proud, Indonesians!) So, there you have it. It takes a non-Malaysian to help a Malaysian. I'm not saying to stop, drop and roll to help EVERYONEEEEEEE on the streets but I think a show of kindness like this really goes a long way. I'm FOREVER THANKFUL to that man who saved my umbrella and you know what's the best part? When he was jumping into the drain WILLINGLY, my mom took out some money as a token of appreciation but HE REFUSED THE MONEY! Can you believe it? In this day and age, there's still a person who genuinely just wants to help out and NOT get anything in return. Can you imagine how touched I am? 

Yes, it was horrible getting soaked in the rain TWICE today and ending up having to look like Gollum. Yes, you may scroll back up to laugh. But, looking at the bigger picture and realizing how GENUINE people still exist, that just makes my heart feel so warm. You and I know how this society is dying with no one caring for anyone. So, really. I just wanted to share/ rant about this so that maybe one day, you might jump into the drain to save an umbrella for me? heheheheeeee :D   just kidding! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! My readers have a GREAT sense of humor! Yes, YOU! <3


*Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttssss!* :)

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