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Tuesday, December 13, 2011




The girls were in New York to receive their award on MTV Iggy as well as perform their songs live in Times Square. THESE GIRLS TOTALLY KILLED IT! No words can express how proud I am of their achievement and how much I'm looking forward to their U.S. debut! The anticipation is just high and constantly risingggggg! Okay, before I go into details about their performance, let me just give a LOUD SHOUTOUT to all the BLACKJACKS AROUND THE WORLD who voted for 2NE1. You guys did a GREATTTTTTTTT JOB and deserve a pat on the back! Not only that, I was really happy to see SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY BLACKJACKS eagerly waiting for 2NE1's performance in Times Square. You guys were so energetic and LOUD! Singing along to every song 2NE1 performed, I felt like we were all connected through 2NE1's AMAZING music. It doesn't matter if you were black, white, brown, pink or blue, we're all just BLACKJACKS. PROUD BLACKJACKS! Oh, by the way, I swear I saw Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg in the crowds. Or was it just me? Were they there? If they were, I'm sure they're just totally blown over by 2NE1's live performance! 

Okay, so a few minutes before 2NE1 stepped on stage, they kept repeating the beginning of '내가 제일 잘 나가' (I AM THE BEST) and it was nerve wrecking! Can you imagine standing there and just WAITINGGGGGGGG for your idols to appear?! What a way to heighten the suspense! I would totally be out of my mind and screaming my lungs out along with other Blackjacks. When 2NE1 came out, the crowd went WILD. They performed 'FIRE' first and honestly, it wasn't their best performance. It could be the nerves but it was obvious that a few parts of the song sounded flat. But who cares? SEEING THEM ON STAGE WAS JUST CRAZYYYYYYYY. The energy was overflowing and everyone was psyched. 

They transitioned straight into 'CAN'T NOBODY' and this performance was great! When CL shouted, "ARE YOU GUYS READY TO JUMP WITH ME?", guess what the crowd did? They caused an earthquake! It was crazyyyyy funnnnnnnnnn. Watching it is incomparable to actually being there. I wasn't even there but I could feel the high energy. And did anyone notice Youngbae's female dancer who was there? Papa YG sure sent out his BEST TEAM and made sure 2NE1 looked good; which they did. Dressed in all-black, the dancers were perfect too. The guys AND girls were a nice touch to the performance and I'M SURE some of em' were cute. hehh. Sue me. 

After that, they slowed it down by performing their hit single, 'LONELY' and I honestly applaud the girls for even being able to SING after jumping around like that. I don't know HOW or WHEN they caught their breath but they performed the song so beautifully. I really admire them cause they HAVE the vocal talent and they're not just trying to sell you sex appeal or surface beauty, they're giving you REAL, RAW TALENT. They don't need to dress up in skimpy clothes for you to buy their albums, they sell you their individuality, personality and sound. That's what makes 2NE1 awesome. 

BUT WAIT! After they performed 'LONELY', they were just standing there. And my heart dropped thinking, "THAT'S IT?! WHAT ABOUT '내가 제일 잘 나가' (I AM THE BEST)?????" 
THEN BAAAAMMMMMMMMM! They hit you with the starting music for that song and you're like "OMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMG!" Undoubtedly, it was the BESTTTTTTTTT performance of the night and they REALLY SENT THE CROWD JUMPING. They were so charismatic and had so much SWAG, it was just the right song to end the evening. Honestly, NO OTHER GIRL GROUP would be able to perform this song cause it has '2NE1' stamped all over it. You can't carry this song unless maybe you're BIG BANG. lolll. Since BB performed it during the YG FAMILY CONCERT. (I'll do another post on that soon) It was especially meaningful since it was 2NE1's first time meeting with their American Blackjacks and performing there. 2NE1 made sure everyone knew they were
THE BEST before ending their "mini-concert", leaving fans screaming and wanting moreeeeeeeeee. But no, that's all, folks. 

That was it. The performance that left everyone breathless. 

*Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttssss!* :)

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