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Sunday, June 10, 2012

달마시안 (DALMATIAN)- E.R MV [ENG. | ROM. | HAN.]

I've only ever HEARD about DALMATIAN before this but never really paid attention to their music until recently stumbling upon their new music video, E.R. How should I describe it in one word?
Yup, definitely hot. 
Many people argue that the whole 'shirts-off' is so 2PM but HEY!, 
and I mean, NO ONE, complains when men rip their shirts off to show you some fine ass chocolate abs, okay? Case settled.
And there are even some who went as far to say that they stole Taeyang's signature mohawk hairstyle. 
I know Taeyang was the first one to rock the mohawk (and of course, he looks amazing) but I say, whoever ELSE rocks it, can keep it. 
Okay, now on to more important matters. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this song! It's so addictive! Especially the chorus! It just gets me singing along all the time :D

기다릴게 I'll be there,
 (Gidarilke I’ll be there)
[I’ll be waiting, I’ll be there]
 그 곳에서 I'll be there,
(Geu goseseo I’ll be there)
[At that place, I’ll be there]
 이런 고통도 아픈 눈물도 다 참을 수 있다고
(Ireon gotongdo apeun nunmuldo da chameul su itdago)
[This pain, these stinging tears, I can hold it all back]
춤을 추며 I'll be there,
(Chumeul chumyeo I’ll be there)
[As I dance, I’ll be there]
 웃으면서 I'll be there,
(Useumyeonseo I’ll be there)
[As I smile, I’ll be there]
 마지막 네가 웃던 그 거리에 내가 널 기다릴게
(Majimak nega utdeon geu georie, Naega neol gidarilke) 
[I’ll be waiting for you at that street where you smiled for the last time]

Oh! And did I mention how much I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE the rap style of this group? For one, Daniel's English is good. So that's easy on the ears and instantly becomes epic. And the back-and-forth rap lines by Simon and Inati is so awesome. 
SWAG? Spot on!

The dance moves are pretty sleek too! 
Here's their dance practice video for you to REALLY see the choreography. It's pretty awesome. I especially like the 'Oww, my head hurts but let's make it look cool' dance move. They're very synchronized with each other and you can tell how much sweat and blood is put into this practice. But then again, in this generation's K-pop world, if you can't sing AND dance, you won't stand a chance. So it's pretty much a doggy dog world! Nevertheless, I'll be keeping an eye on this group from now on :)

*Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttssss!* :)

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