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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

H-Artistry : Global Art of Mixing 2010

First off, thanks to my brother who invited me along for this adventure =)

Hennessy Artistry aka H-Artistry is the epitome of clubbing experiences. Having previously mesmerize attendees in LA and Paris, it has arrived at our shores and promises to leave you asking for more. 'Mixing' is brought to a whole new level, boasting music talents from around the globe on the same stage.

As great as the performances were, let's not forget the highlight of the event - the drinks. Well, since it's an event organized by Hennessy, we were of course served with Hennessy drinks throughout the night. Not only that, but we were taught to mix our own drinks from one of the four flavours - Berry, Apple, Citrus and Ginger Ale. We were coached by the French Ambassador of Hennessy and given a booklet to further experiment on our own with the delicious cognac.

I believe a picture paints a thousand words so here you go. Without further adieu, the greatest party thus far, the H-Artistry!

Kardinal Offishall arriving at the red carpet

Turntable available to mix your own beat

The 50 year old cognac - indulge your senses and take in the aroma of the alcohol before tasting it

Capture your Hennessy moment at the photo booth!

After learning how to mix my own drink and some mingling around, it's time to head in to PARTY!!!!!

A view of the party area - yes, there were bars all around with a free flow of drinks ;)

Yup, the bars were pretty much crowded throughout...and we wonder why =P

The opening performance

Mizz Nina

Da Mouth from Taiwan - they really knew how to work the crowd!

And of course - Kardinal Offishall!

H-Artistry:  Not just an event to tickle your taste buds but keeps you entertained with the performances and visual effect

It's my first time to such an event but it will definitely not be my last! I had a blast and hope to be part of the event again next year ;)

Thank you to Justin for the pictures and head on over to his blog for more of H-Artistry!

Till the next time,


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