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Monday, October 18, 2010


SJ: Hey! You're wearing contacts today. Nice :)

H: Yeah, but it feels a lil' weird.

SJ: Huh? Why?

H: When I look at my own reflection, I don't even realise it's me.


H: It's true! When I'm not wearing my glasses and standing in front of the mirror, all I see is a blur reflection. How on earth am I supposed to know how I look? On a daily basis.

SJ: *Holds in laughter*

H: And you know when you're cutting your hair, you would usually remove your glasses?

SJ: Uhuh.

H: After the hairdresser is done, she'd always hold a mirror behind you and ask "Okay mouu?"

SJ: And you'd saaaayyyy?

H: OKAAAYY!! :D    But the truth is, I have no idea what she did to my hair! :O

SJ: This is sooooo going on the blog!




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