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Friday, April 15, 2011


Hello peeps!

I'm sure you guys have realized the NUMEROUS posts dedicated to Big Bang's comeback and random updates on their activities. In case you're puzzled as to why I've taken such interest in this k-pop group or why I'm giving them my personal preference, first, please watch the video attached below.

As you can tell from the video, G-dragon (leader of Big Bang) is SUCH a respectable man. Not only is he the leader of this spectacular group, he is also a lyricist, a producer, a composer and on top of that, he is a member who gives his best whenever he's on stage. The best part is that he puts his all into his work and makes it fun for all VIPs around the world to watch Big Bang. While doing all that, he has a big smile on his face. How can ANYONE not respect this man with multiple talents? It's safe for me to say that GD and Teddy are the brains behind every album they have produced. I mean, honestly, can you say the same for other groups out there?

HERE'S GD'S G-MARKET CM SONG. I love this song! (and GD :p)

As for TOP who has the most significant voice I've ever heard, contributes to albums by writing his own lyrics to rap parts that he's in charge of. Although as many of you have already seen his famous 'ChoomTop' video, his dancing skills may not be of Taeyang's standards but you can tell how hard he has worked to be in sync with the whole group. Did I also mention that he's not only a singer but an actor as well? He hopes to show the audience/ fans a different side of him and wants to earn respect and love from us. (He has mine, definitely! <3) He may be a gentle giant (since he's 180 cm tall) who looks a little awkward at times but his efforts are definitely commendable and truly, how can you not love a manly face like his? :D


(I seriously can't stop laughing! HELPPP!)

To erase that from your head, here's TOP'S solo- TURN IT UP (ENG SUB)

Taeyang, taeyang, taeyang. The main vocals of the group. His sweet voice functions as a glue for the whole group. When his voice is added to any song, it compliments the other members and makes the track THAT MUCH BETTER to listen to. Not only that, Taeyang's dancing skills are not to be made fun of as he is such an awesome dancer. His body (full of muscles) is proof to how hard he has worked and that he's a health freak too (not that that's bad though). Taeyang's personality might be shy but behind that shy smile lies a man that's always striving for the best in everything that he does.


Daesung, the group's clown! His bright personality serves as an energy booster to other members and his crazy actions make him so interesting to watch. If you've watched Family Outing before, you'd understand why I've said so. The Dorky Brothers (Jaesuk and Daesung), for the world! :D  Although I've came across many harsh comments by netizens commenting on how Daesung doesn't have a face fit for idols, I would disagree with those comments. If a person's talents are overlooked just because he/ she does not possess the 'perfect face', doesn't that reflect very badly on the person who's passing on the judgement? Daesung may not be the best looking artist out there but his mellow voice and sincere heart when delivering songs are fantastic. You can't find this innocent man anywhere else other than in Big Bang. 


Seungri, maknae of Big Bang has the capability to be adorable as well as sexy in front of the camera (remember Strong Baby?). In my opinion, Seungri might still be a little immature (personality wise) but he always puts his best foot forward when it comes to working. Besides that, it's very fun to watch his relationship with his hyungs as he admires them so much. It's nice to see him disturbing the other members, thus alleviating some stress off everyone's shoulders. There's definitely more room for improvement and he's just a little boy that's yet to grow up :)


And if you're STILL NOT infatuated with these talented men, here's a video about their collection cards from the 4.5 Repackaged Album with english subtitles and NG Cut. Gotta love this hilarious bunch! 

That's all I have for today. It's quite a long post. And I hope you enjoyed every video posted up! If you're not already in love with the Big Bang boys, you should be shot! 
Teeeheeeee! Love you guys! <3

Peace out! :D

*Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttssss!* :)

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