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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Episode 7 starts off by showing the girls getting ready in Singapore for their Korean Music Wave Concert. Maknae Mingkki struts her stuff by demonstrating some serious power walking or perhaps just power in the corridors of their hotel rooms. Then we get to see Bigbang in their dressing rooms where Seungri complained about how his clothes won't fit anymore since he's still growing and Taeyang just brushes off this matter and says that Seungri grew fatter. LOLL. TOP even remarked that Seungri lost 2kgs of muscle. Poor thing. ahahah. But I'm sure his hyungs were just teasing him for fun. No harm intended. And I HAVE to mention how dorky and adorable TOP was when he stole Minzy's ipad(?) and started messing around with it. It's great seeing how they bond :)

And Dara even said Se7en told them that if their voices were incorporated into a GPS Navigation System, it would sell well. I agree with him on that! Having Bommie's voice telling you, "You better go straight" in that funny tone would just make you laugh. Even Dara's probable, "Make a right turn because I feel good today" would crack me up. Honestly, any one of the girl's unique and funny personalities would sell anything they endorse in. That's what I think anyway. And FINALLY, we get to see cuts of their performance in Singapore. Performing 'Fire', 'I Am The Best' and 'I Don't Care', they blew off their audience! It's funny seeing how Big Bang was seated calmly in their seats while watching 2ne1 perform though considering how the fans were going wilddddddd in the background. I guess they're just used to observing 2ne1's AWESOMENESS. heheee. Then, Big Bang hits the stage with their track 'Tonight' and I'm sure it was an amazing peformance as well. I want a Big Bang / 2ne1 concert in Malaysia! Of course Daesungie has to be present as well <3

In the plane heading back to Korea, Dara catches the other three sleeping and she's right, they're way too cute :3  Then we get a change of scene to 2ne1's music video shoot of 'Ugly'. Right after their shoot is over, they rush home, get changed and proceed to the airport to fly to Japan. The whole YG family boards the plane and were trippin' over Dara's tattoo. It's cute seeing them interact with each other and I've just gotta say, the plane seats look so comfortable! Anyway, if you were wondering why the whole YG family had to fly over to Japan, it's because they're having a joint ceremony between YG Entertainment and Avex! The girls were all fatigued and waiting to drop dead on their beds but they still got ready for the ceremony nonetheless. Then we get TOP & Se7en! :D The two were being really ridiculous and yet, you can't help but smile. WHAT KINDA AEGYO IS THATTTT?! I CAN'T EVEN.. ahahahahhaa. BOTH of them were such a tease but entertaining. VERY ENTERTAINING. I assure you. ahahah. Gotta love this pair! <3  Can you imagine dating TOP? (since Se7en is taken by Park Hanbyul). I CAN! I CAN! AHAHAHA! :D 

AND OMGGGGGGGGG, I FEEL LIKE I'VE JUST HEARD SOME KINDA CONFESSION WHEN GD SAID, "I heard I'm Dara nuna's ideal type." LIKE OMGGGG! I swear something is going on between them! Okay, maybe not swear. But I can sense it! ahahah. You feel like it's a cover up when gd quickly goes, "I don't date within the YG family." LIKE WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU NOT? lol. Does he know how many Daragon shippers there are out there? *STARES* 

Okay, I'm tired now. Till the next review of Episode 8! 안녕! <3

*Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttssss!* :)

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